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The story of steel starts in the stars with the iron atom, the catalyst to life starting afresh. The possibilities of combining iron with other elements and arranging them in novel ways are unparalleled and vast, which is why and how steel keeps reinventing itself. Iron's journey has been long, and it is still not over - there are so many ways we can keep exploring the possibilities of how it has shaped - and may save - our planet and civilization. So next time you get into your car, remember to thank your stars for steel.

Steel's Role in Reducing a Vehicle's Total Carbon Footprint

Over the past decade, advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) have become the fastest growing material for vehicle use. AHSS are stronger, lighter, and have low emissions, helping automakers decrease a vehicle's life-long carbon footprint. The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach takes a vehicle's entire environmental impact into account by looking at greenhouse gas emissions from each phase of its life. LCA shows that steel, which currently makes up about 60 percent of the average North American vehicle, generates fewer emissions than other automotive body materials. Over a vehicle's lifecycle, steel is the highest value and most environmentally effective choice for automakers.

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