Great Designs in Steel 2016 - Presentations Now Available

In an effort to assist automakers in meeting new, more stringent fuel economy standards and safety regulations, the North American steel industry accelerated its work to provide affordable advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) solutions for vehicle mass reduction and performance improvements. 

Great Designs in Steel is the premier forum for the latest trends and applications in automotive steel technologies. This multi-track program featured technical presentations on new steel technologies including AHSS, automotive safety and manufacturing technologies. 

The Steel Market Development Institute’s (SMDI) automotive investing companies initiated this annual event to assist engineers in utilizing the latest steel technologies to design and build safe, affordable, fuel efficient and environmentally sustainable passenger cars, sport utility vehicles and light trucks. 

The 2016 program, which celebrated 15 years, brought the North American steel industry engineers and automotive designers together with product and process engineers to discuss successful case histories and the latest trends in steel usage for vehicles on the road today. 

To celebrate 15 years of collaboration, SMDI's steel members and customers talked about collaboration between the steel and automotive industries and how the knowledge gathered at GDIS helps them achieve their performance, safety, lightweighting and sustainability goals. Check it out:

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