Future Steel Solutions

Third-Generation Advanced High-Strength Steel (3rd Gen AHSS)

The steel industry continues to develop new steel grades as the automotive industry concentrates on mass reduction. Specifically, the automakers have requested development of AHSS with improved ductility for better formability. This classification of steel has been named third generation (3rd Gen AHSS) and is expected to provide a cold-stamped alternative for some hot-stamped applications through traditional stamping processes. Hot-stamped grades will still be needed for advantages in high strength, complex formability and part consolidation.

The Steel Strength Ductility Diagram, shown in Figure 21, was developed to show the wide variety of steel grade classifications by their relative strength and ductility. The diagram shows the progression of 3rd Gen AHSS development. The currently available 3rd Gen AHSS products are shown adjacent to the range of 3rd Gen steels under development. A new group of continuously heat-treated 3rd Gen AHSS alloys continue application and development adding to those 3rd Gen AHSS steels already available.

Figure 21. Steel Strength Ductility Diagram

Individual SMDI Member Corporate Research and Development

SMDI member companies develop new automotive products in their corporate research and development centers. These centers are focused on AHSS products or grades best suited to and optimized by the unique production facilities and practices of each company. These combinations often construct a unique product considered proprietary to the developing company.

This Automotive Roadmap does not elaborate on any proprietary product, microstructure or grade. Readers should contact each individual SMDI steel company member to discuss their proprietary products and any associated performance properties.