American Iron and Steel Institute Comments on 421 Tire Case Decision

Washington, D.C., 9/14/2009 - The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), on behalf of its U.S. member companies, welcomed the President’s decision in a Section 421 (China import surge) trade case to impose a trade remedy on tires from China.  This decision follows a previous determination by the independent, bipartisan International Trade Commission (ITC) that the subject imports have caused “market disruption” in the United States.

Without commenting on the specifics of the 421 tire case or on the remedy that has been imposed, AISI noted that:

“This marks the first time that a U.S. Administration has imposed a trade remedy in a Section 421 China surge case after the ITC has found market disruption and has recommended trade relief.  America’s steel industry joins with many other U.S. manufacturing industries that have faced Chinese government industrial targeting, subsidies and export promotion policies in strong support of the position that our WTO-consistent Section 421 law must be a ‘live’ trade remedy statute -- and a vital trade tool for U.S. industries and their workers -- to address market disruption caused by damaging import surges from China.”

Nancy Gravatt
Vice President, Communications
American Iron and Steel Institute
Tel: 202.452.7115