Advanced High-Strength Steel Technologies Featured on 2010 Ford Taurus and Volvo XC60 – The International Car, Truck of the Year

Ford Taurus

DETROIT, Dec. 3, 2009 – Steel continues to get the red carpet treatment this award season and AISI’s Steel Market Development Institute has another reason to celebrate. The 2010 Ford Taurus and Volvo XC60, which both feature advanced high-strength steels, were selected as the 2010 International Car and Truck of the Year. The awards were presented yesterday at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The Ford Taurus has dual-phase steel in the vehicle structure, including the inner A-pillar reinforcements, outer B-pillar reinforcements, roof rail and outer A-pillar assembly.   The Volvo XC60 integrates safety into the body structure by utilizing ultra high-strength steels (1500 MPa) in the A-posts, B-posts, and floor sill reinforcements.

“The use of advanced and ultra high-strength steels makes vehicles considerably stronger, while requiring less mass, which increases fuel economy,” said Ron Krupitzer, vice president of automotive applications for AISI’s Steel Market Development Institute.   “Ford and Volvo’s dedication to developing improved structures and reducing mass by using new high-strength steels in the Taurus and XC60 have helped to make these vehicles safe, affordable, fuel efficient and environmentally sustainable.”

The International Car and Truck of the Year awards honor vehicles based on personality and passion, not power and performance. The jury – made up of 20 reputable industry writers and editors – considers the emotional relationship between cars and consumers, and awards automakers that achieve the highest level of lifestyle compatibility. Each vehicle must be a new model entry or have significant changes in design and / or technology for the new model year.

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