Making Fuel-Efficient Cars with Advanced High-Strength Steel Now Easier with New Toolkit

Detroit, June 15, 2009 – Today the Auto/Steel Partnership (A/SP) released the revised Advanced High-Strength Steel Applications Design and Stamping Process Guidelines - A Special Edition of In-depth Advanced High-Strength Steel Case Studies.

This comprehensive manual assists automotive product designers and materials engineers in the specification and application of specific grades of AHSS parts. The manual helps die engineers and stampers define the process for making successful parts. As a result, the guide can assist automakers in achieving their goals of strength, safety and reduced mass at an affordable cost.

“Advanced high-strength steels are helping automakers meet the design challenges surrounding fuel economy regulations, safety and tough environmental standards,” said Dr. Roger Heimbuch, executive director, A/SP. “Through greater formability and manufacturability, engineers and automakers are now able to make lighter, stronger and more fuel-efficient vehicle structures with advanced high-strength steels.”

The manual also includes a section with schematic die sketches, which help to define the most common forming methods for AHSS.  These diagrams illustrate the stamping processes used most frequently by the A/SP’s AHSS Stamping Team. The die processes selected are first operation form dies and illustrate the benefits of certain die features in stamping AHSS in a stable, dimensionally controlled approach.

The automotive and steel industries work together through A/SP to address common materials-related challenges faced by all engineers and manufacturers in today’s competitive environment. Through collaborative projects, all steelmakers and carmakers can continue to benefit from the advantages of steel when designing future vehicles. Efforts like this, together with the benefits of cost-effective, lightweight solutions, have made AHSS the fastest-growing material in today’s vehicles.

A free downloadable version of the Advanced High-Strength Steel Applications Design and Stamping Process Guidelines – A Special Edition of In-Depth Advanced High-Strength Steel Case Studies is available online at

The A/SP, formed in 1987, leverages the resources of the automotive, steel and related industries.  A/SP is an organization dedicated to utilizing innovative steel solutions for a changing automotive market using inter-company and industry cooperative programs to ensure member company success, while proactively resolving governmental regulatory agency requirements and customer needs. Members include Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Co., General Motors Corp. and five major North American sheet steel producers, ArcelorMittal Dofasco, ArcelorMittal USA, Nucor Corp., Severstal North America Inc. and United States Steel Corp. For more information on the A/SP, visit

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