Steel Industry Maintains Leadership as Energy Efficient Sector

31 Percent Improvement in Energy Intensity Achieved Since 1990

WASHINGTON, D.C., December 11, 2009 –The United States steel industry has reduced its energy intensity per ton of steel shipped by approximately 31 percent comparing 2008 to 1990, the American Iron and Steel Institute reported today.  This figure has fallen slightly from 33 percent in 2007, due to a large drop off in production starting in the fourth quarter of 2008, when the U.S. economy went into a free fall.  ”With processes as tightly controlled as those in steel mills, productions disruptions and repeated startup and shutdowns significantly impact energy performance” said Thomas J. Gibson, AISI president and CEO.

“This steel industry’s overall improvement in energy efficiency demonstrates its longstanding commitment to sustainability.  This commitment has brought our processes almost to the limit of energy-efficiency and the sensitivity to production intensity further underscores this point.  In the long-term, we are working on developing breakthrough steelmaking processes that emit little or no CO2.”

On average, 1.19 tons of carbon dioxide was emitted in 2008 for every ton of steel produced in the United States.  The low CO2 intensity of American-manufactured steel coupled with its infinite recyclability is why products made of steel have such low environmental impacts during their life cycle.  It is why steel is the material of choice in so many applications.

AISI serves as the voice of the North American steel industry in the public policy arena and advances the case for steel in the marketplace as the preferred material of choice.  AISI also plays a lead role in the development and application of new steels and steelmaking technology.  AISI is comprised of 24 member companies, including integrated and electric furnace steelmakers, and 138 associate and affiliate members who are suppliers to or customers of the steel industry.  AISI's member companies represent over 75 percent of both U.S. and North American steel capacity.  For more news about steel and its applications, view AISI’s website at

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