Brief statement from Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) Executive Director Scott Paul on today's speech U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk in which he committed to new initiatives for trade enforcement:

"It was refreshing to hear such a speech delivered.  I commend Ambassador Kirk for his commitment to trade enforcement.  This initiative, coupled with Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke's comments on the unsustainable nature of our trade deficit with China, gives me hope that we will see a new direction on trade.  This would be welcome news for those U.S. manufacturers and their employees who have seen a flood of imports flow into our market, often aided by subsidies and other unfair practices by their governments.   The success of Ambassador Kirk's efforts are going to be measured on a daily basis, and President Obama's determination on the Section 421 case on imported consumer tires from China in September will be one of the first major tests." 
Steven Capozzola
Media Director
Alliance for American Manufacturing
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