Four Priorities for the Nation's Economic Recovery

The Gazette -- Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Letter to the editor

While President Barack Obama visited Iowa during his economy-themed bus tour, unemployment remained above 9 percent for the 20th consecutive month. The steel industry, with manufacturing facilities in Iowa and throughout the nation, offers four priorities toward creating jobs critical to economic recovery.

First, we must invest in modernizing America’s infrastructure. Ranked 23rd worldwide in infrastructure quality, our deteriorating roads and bridges undermine our international competitiveness.

Second, expanding access to America’s domestic and natural gas resources will decrease our dependence on foreign oil, create hundreds of thousands of new jobs and secure America’s energy independence.

Third, overreaching regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are discouraging investment, which chokes economic growth. The administration’s regulatory agenda should be re-examined immediately.

Last, we need tough enforcement of our trade laws to counter unfair trade practices by foreign competitors so we can secure a level playing field for U.S. manufacturers.

The time to act is now.

Thomas J. Gibson
American Iron and Steel Institute
Washington, D.C.

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