AISI Says Changes Reflect Progress on Boiler MACT Rules

Washington, D.C., 2/24/2011 - American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) President and CEO Thomas J. Gibson issued the following statement regarding the release of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) rules on the Maximum Achievable Control Technology for Industrial Boilers (Boiler MACT).   

“After an initial review of the final Boiler MACT rules, we are encouraged that EPA made a number of changes in response to the input on the proposed rule provided by the steel industry.   While we appreciate that language was included in the rule to address several steel-specific concerns, we are still in the process of reviewing the details of the rules and expect to be seeking further clarification from EPA in the coming weeks.

“In particular, we see progress in terms of changes made to an area of the proposed rules that would have resulted in unintended consequences of actually increasing energy use and increasing emissions.    This relates to energy efficiency benefits that the steel industry realizes from using byproduct gases from coke ovens and blast furnaces, which provide an important fuel for steel plant boilers that produce steam, electricity and other thermal energy.  This entire practice increases the overall energy efficiency of steel production facilities, reduces greenhouse gases, criteria and hazardous air pollutant emissions, and is a vital tool for promoting our nation’s energy independence and global competitiveness.  

“The earlier proposed rule would have led to the loss of these benefits by creating an incentive to flare off the process gases to meet the new requirements.  Although it looks as if EPA has addressed the issue regarding process gases, we are still examining what the impact of the final rules would be for other types of boilers utilized in steel facilities. “ 

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