AISI Board Members Among Experts on Government-Industry Infrastructure Roundtable

NASTC Roundtable Panel

Government officials and industry representatives from Canada, Mexico and the United States met on June 7 at the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington, D.C. for “The Roadway to North American Competitiveness,” a roundtable discussion of the status, challenges and opportunities regarding North America’s vital infrastructure.  It was sponsored by the North American Steel Trade Committee (NASTC). (See full details in press release below)

AISI Vice Chairman Mario Longhi,  president and CEO of Gerdau Long Steel North America, said during the day-long event that “infrastructure investment remains one of the key elements for the creation of job growth, which is essential for a true, sustainable recovery, and  a better future for North America.”

AISI Director Raul Gutierrez, president of the Mexican Steel Industry Association, pointed out that “Infrastructure is a key variable for the competitiveness of North American business.”  He noted that 70% of NAFTA trade - including steel products – is transported by trucks and trains, but wait times to cross the Mexico/US border are sometimes five or six hours, resulting in $600m in additional shipping costs annually.  

View a PowerPoint presentation given by Mario Longhi during the roundtable on June 7 (PDF)

Roundtable Discussion Highlights the Critical Importance of Infrastructure for North American Competitiveness