Invest Strongly In America's Workers

September 4, 2011

Detroit Free Press (Letter to the Editor)

Michigan's unemployment for July was the highest of 2011 at a staggering 10.9%. President Barack Obama should pursue the following steps as he lays out his detailed plan on job creation following Labor Day.

• Invest in modernizing our crumbling infrastructure so that deteriorating roads and bridges do not undermine our international competitiveness.

• Expand access to America's domestic and natural gas resources, which would decrease our dependence on foreign oil while creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

• Put a stop to overreaching regulations that are choking growth. The rising volume of new and changing regulations is discouraging investment.

• Vigorously enforce our trade laws to prevent violators from stealing market share from U.S. manufacturers.

The manufacturing sector employs 12.3% of Michigan's workforce, with more than 67,000 high-value jobs generated by the steel sector alone. Only by implementing policies that develop and sustain robust job creation can we rebuild America.

Thomas J. Gibson, President and CEO, American Iron and Steel Institute, Washington, D.C.