Steel Framing Alliance to Host "Stud University for the Masses" Session and Demonstration at 2012 METALCON International

WASHINGTON, DC, September 18, 2012 —The Steel Framing Alliance (SFA) will host a two-part session on the benefits and best practices of cold-formed steel framing for small, multi-family and mid-rise structures at METALCON International on October 9-10, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. Based on the popular Stud U. model of previous METALCON conferences, this two-day session will provide technology transfer via discussion, demonstration, and hands-on experience on a mini-cold-formed steel framing project using state-of-the-art industry tools.

The session, titled “Stud University for the Masses – What You Think You Know and What You Really Don’t About Cold-Formed Steel Framing,” is designed as a two-part program specifically for architects, builders, contractors, engineers, building inspectors and building trades instructors. The format includes:

• Part 1 – Tuesday, October 9, 2012 – 8:30 am to 11:45 am – Session E03, Room 5: This “back to basics” session will clarify any existing mystery to specifying, designing, installing and inspecting cold-formed steel structures. It will utilize a structure in the METALCON International Exhibit Hall as a blueprint to demonstrate resources readily available for cold-formed steel. Instructors will walk through various construction scenarios from foundations to trusses, focusing on:

o Foundations
o Floors
o Walls—Structural and Non-Structural and Headers
o Roofs
o Panelization
o Cold-Formed Steel Framing and Other Materials

• Part 2 – Wednesday, October 10, 2012 – 8:30 am to 11:45 am – Session E08, Room 5: This session will build on the expertise gained from the previous day. It will uncover frequently overlooked items during design, specifying and installing cold-formed steel framing and cover topics such as the right steel thickness, the types and quantities of fasteners, and the most efficient tools to use. Participants will learn the correct installation practices required to pass the most rigorous inspection. The latest design and construction techniques will be demonstrated using a combination of graphics and the framework of the structure already built in the METALCON International Exhibit Hall. Participants will put into practice what they have learned by constructing a mini-cold-formed steel framing project using state-of-the-art industry tools.

“Stud University for the Masses – What You Think You Know and What You Really Don’t About Cold-Formed Steel Framing” will be taught by the original Stud U. team:

• Danny Feazell, president of Premium Steel Building Systems,
• Nader Elhajj, director of Middle East and Africa for FrameCad Solutions, and
• Maribeth Rizzuto, LEED AP, director of education and sustainable construction for the Steel Framing Alliance and managing director of the Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute.

To register for the two-day session, click here. For more information on METALCON International, visit

The mission of the Steel Framing Alliance (SFA) is to enable and encourage the widespread, practical and economical use and preference for cold-formed steel framing by identifying, maintaining, and promoting competitive advantages while identifying and preempting threats. The SFA works to expand market share in the commercial and residential construction markets with an emphasis on the growth potential of structural cold-formed steel framing in the mid-rise sector for offices, hotels, condos, apartments and other multi-family housing, university housing and similar buildings. Based in Washington, D.C., the SFA’s national network of members represents the full spectrum of trades and professions within the construction industry and virtually every product category. For more information, visit

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