SMDI and STI/SPFA Announce Update of "Steel Plate Engineering Data" Technical Publication

WASHINGTON, DC, February 1, 2012 — The Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI) and Steel Tank Institute/Steel Plate Fabricators Association (STI/SPFA) have published an update to “Steel Plate Engineering Data - Design of Plate Structures, Volumes I and II,” it was announced today. The publication collects into one source document the various facets of plate design applicable to many types of structures, including steel tanks for liquid storage. It is available for purchase as a printed document or as a digital publication on the websites of both organizations (SMDI –; STI/SPFA –

The publication serves as a reference for the usual design of tanks for liquid storage. Volume 1 addresses the design of flat-bottom, cylindrical tanks for storage of liquids at essentially atmospheric pressure. Volume 2 provides information to aid in the design of such structures. This publication updates the previous 1992 edition.

“’Steel Plate Engineering Data – Volume 1’ is a reference manual for the industry, covering large steel water storage tanks built to the AWWA D100 standard and large steel oil storage tanks built to the API 650 standard,” Wayne Geyer, P.E., Executive Vice President of STI/SPFA, further elaborated. “Volume 2 contains classic technical papers on subjects such as anchor bolts, fillet weld design, and saddle support design for large vessels. I want to express special appreciation to Stephen Meier of Tank Industry Consultants for his efforts in updating the publication. Stephen also serves as Chairman of the AWWA D100 Committee.”

“The demand for ‘Steel Plate Engineering Data’ remains strong from the engineering community, and we gratefully acknowledge the efforts of the STI/SPFA technical committee and staff in reviewing and updating all of the material,” Robert J. Wills, P.E., Vice President of Construction Market Development, SMDI, said. “We also appreciate the investment made by SMDI’s members to complete this much-needed design reference tool.”

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