VW Chooses New High-Strength Steel to Reduce Vehicles’ Weight

VW plans to use new high-strength steel to make its cars lighter and also to comply with the strict emissions regulations.

If some automakers begin to focus on hybrids and EVs to comply with fuel efficiency regulations, others choose to replace the old materials with light weight ones to make to improve fuel efficiency. Such is the case with VW which is giving up aluminum for the high tensile steel, which is up to six times stronger than conventional steel. The new material not only made the new Golf with about 100kg lighter, but also helped the company reduce costs.

“Volkswagen AG is using new high-strength steel to make cars lighter and comply with strict emissions rules, confounding forecasts that aluminum would be the metal of choice for reducing weight. Aluminum is about a third of the weight of conventional steel but costs three times as much,” said Reuters.

Ram presented at this year’s Detroit auto show the 2013 3500 pickup, which can tow 7,000 more pounds than the previous version, all thanks to high-strength steel and Ford announced that the F-150 pickup will soon be 250 to 750 pounds lighter. A recent study showed that the material is not only cheaper to use but also safer, the vehicles tested showing an outstanding crash performance.

(Reference: inautonews.com)