STI Publishes SP001 6th Edition

LAKE ZURICH, IL, March 8, 2018 -- After two years of study and revision, the Steel Tank Institute announces SP001 Standard for the Inspection of Aboveground Storage Tanks, 6th Edition, and SP031 Standard for the Repair of Shop-Fabricated Aboveground Storage Tanks, 5th Edition

STI wishes to thank the members of the STI AST Standard Review Committee, a balanced, 48-member committee of STI/SPFA tank fabricators, federal and state regulators, bulk storage tank owners, tank repair companies, and several other interested parties.

Highlights of the revised standards

  • A new Appendix includes inspections of heated thermoplastic liquids storage up to 500° F. This appendix is aimed at inspections of asphalt tanks.
  • "The maximum specific gravity of the stored liquid" was removed from the scope.
  • Inspection guidelines are now provided for steel diked tanks and concrete-encased shop-fabricated tanks.
  • Suitability guidelines for continued service of double-wall tanks and concrete-encased shop-fabricated tanks are now provided.
  • Monthly and annual checklists are revised.
  • The "safety considerations" and "welding" sections are revised.

STI's SP001 Aboveground Tank System Inspector Training Program
This four-day program provides STI certification for inspecting shop-fabricated above-ground tanks, portable containers, and small field erected tanks. Our 2018 classes include the changes to both SP001 and SP031 standards.

How to purchase SP001 6th Edition and SP031 5th Edition
To order, go to and click Publications and then STI/SPFA Store. The price for SP001 6th Edition is $195.00 and for SP031 5th Edition is $120.00, or save $40 when you purchase SP001 and its companion standard SP031 together for $275.00.

Special offer: If you purchased the previous 5th Edition of SP001 after October 31, 2017, you can receive a 50% discount on the 6th Edition. Send email to Linda Frederick at and include your 5th Edition sales order number. This offer is valid through April 30, 2018.


Noel Zak
Communications Manager
Steel Tank Institute/Steel Plate Fabricators Association
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