Bar Machinability Committee Expanding Steel Research and Industry Collaboration

Composed of representatives from automotive OEMs, academia and the steel industry, the Bar Machinability Sub-Committee develops information needed by the machining industry for material selection, process development and for improving understanding of the factors that influence the machinability of steel.

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Members of the Bar Machinability Sub-Committee include:

    SMDI Machinability Members

Technical Deliverables

Bar Machinability Summit

Building upon the successful development of its Bar Machinability Database, which is comprised of test data from a single point turning test, and adoption of its Bar Steel Machinability Estimator that calculates cutting tool life based on defined criterion, SMDI's Bar Machinability Sub-committee is currently gathering industry input to identify critical areas for new research and testing to further foster the use of steel in ground vehicles.

According to insight gathered during a Bar Machinability Summit, there’s a critical need for consistency and predictability in auto steel machining. During the meeting, automakers and industry suppliers provided insight surrounding the future machinability testing needs of the manufacturing base. SMDI’s Bar Machinability Sub-committee will use this feedback for future program planning and work to initiate industry, government and academia collaborations to drive the use of steel as the preferred material for automotive and industrial applications.

PowerPoint Presentations  |  Press Release  |  Final Summit Meeting Report

Bar Machinability Database

The Bar Machinability Sub-committee was formed in 1991 to develop a database of automotive bar steel machinability under single point carbide turning conditions. To accomplish this task more than 30 industrially significant steel grades and their variants have been evaluated in the ensuing years.

Overview  | Graph: non-coated carbide tools    
Database: non-coated carbide tools | Database: coated carbide tools

Bar Machinability Estimator

The Machinability Estimator was developed for carbon and alloy steels using uncoated carbide tools. The estimates resulting from this estimator are use only as a guideline or relative comparison of workpiece materials in selecting materials and/or machining set-ups and are in no way intended to represent an absolutel value.

Estimator: non-coated carbide tools  |  Estimator: coated carbide tools (under development)

Bar Machinability Checklist

The Bar Machinability Team has developed a checklist to facilitate root cause analysis of machinability issues by collecting information necessary for effective trouble shooting.

Bar Machinability Checklist (Excel 2003 – 2007)  |  Bar Machinability Checklist (Excel 2010)

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