FutureSteelVehicle Overview

FutureSteelVehicle (FSV) is a three-year program that developed fully engineered, steel-intensive designs for electrified vehicles that reduce greenhouse gas emissions over their entire life cycle.

The FSV features steel body structure designs that reduce mass by more than 29 percent over a benchmark vehicle and reduce total life cycle emissions by nearly 70 percent. This is accomplished while meeting a broad list of global crash and durability requirements, enabling five-star safety ratings, while avoiding high-cost penalties for mass reduction.

FSV also brings more advanced steel and steel technologies to its portfolio, including more than 20 new AHSS grades of materials expected to be commercially available in 2015 to 2020. FSV produces optimized shapes and component configurations often mimic Mother Nature’s own design efficiency, where structure and strength are placed exactly where they are needed for the intended function.

The FSV program is the most recent addition to the global steel industry’s series of lightweighting initiatives offering steel solutions to automakers around the world. FSV follows the 1998 UltraLight Steel Auto Body, 2000 UltraLight Steel Auto Closures, 2000 UltraLight Steel Auto Suspension, and 2001 ULSAB-Advanced Vehicle Concepts programs. In total, this body of research represents an $80 million investment by the global steel industry.

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Steel Fact

The next generation of steels offer the best solution to automakers for lightweighting vehicles at a high value without sacrificing strength in helping meet more stringent fuel economy standards.