ULSAB-AVC (Advanced Vehicle Concepts) Overview

The ULSAB-AVC (Advanced Vehicle Concepts) program offers steel solutions to the challenges facing automakers around the world. The program's objective was to demonstrate and communicate steel's capability to help fulfill society's demands for safe, affordable fuel efficient and environmentally responsible vehicles for the 21st Century. By doing so, the global steel industry aims to reinforce the ongoing commitment of the automotive industry to retain steel as the material of choice for vehicle construction.

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  • ULSAB-AVC - Engineering Report

    2/1/2002 - Project results that showcases the latest high-tech steel grades for automotive applications. Combined with innovative design and the latest manufacturing processes, the ...

  • ULSAB-AVC - Executive Summary

    1/31/2002 - A summary outlining key project results.

  • ULSAB-AVC - Technical Transfer Dispatch No. 6

    1/30/2002 - A report demonstrating the simultaneous engineering capabilities of the steel industry. Crash analysis and high stress strain rate data were incorporated for all body ...

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Steel Fact

Steel's lighweight solutions offer car makers opportunities to advance state-of-the-art vehicle design.